Inverted Tactic by meraklija

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This tactic have  diferent aproach then curent tactics on forum,I dont like clasic wingers so I created this.
I dont use comon roles for my wide players,I wanted to have more  players involved in mid and to have more defensive cohesion in back  line.

First 10 games i playedwith one striker then I deciced to play with two up front and I like it more.

Goalkeeper must have strong aerial ability and good comand of area so he can organiza defense and pick up all crosses.

Inv. wingbacks need to have strong defensive atributes like tackling and marking.

DLP  is your most important player for this  tactic,you need to invest money and buy complete player he must be  capable not only to create he need to be good defensivly also(Romero is  my R,P. check his defensive stats).

For defensive mid just clasical type of player who can take ball from oponents,if posible try to have player with good heading.

Advance playmakers must have good technical atributes and speed so that they can keep posesion of the ball and create chances.

Two strikers up front must have speed dribling and good finishing to invidualy score goals.

All training is done by assistant manager.

Opposition instruction I don’t use.

When i need to save result in last 10m i go DEFENSIVE.

I still didnt  found goodset piece setup I need to update this in future,I mean I didnt  score any goal from set piece what is realy bad.